Cooling System Flusher

Quick & efficient cooling system flushing

To ensure the optimum operation of your cooling system it is important to secure that the coolant is not polluted with abrasive particles and foreign materials. This is not a problem with JWL Cooling System Flusher. With the cooling system flusher you can flush the whole system without use of solvents and harsh chemicals. It uses a combination of water and compressed air, which increases the water pressure without damaging the surfaces.
The cooling system flusher is assembled with a connection (1/2” /ø13mm) that fits the most common water couplings. We recommend that a water coupling with adjusting valve is used in order to be able to adjust or switch of the water without going to the tap.

Instruction: To flush the cooling system properly, insert the stepped gun nozzle of the JWL cooling system flusher in the hose suited for the flush job. Flush until the outflow that runs through the radiator, engine block and heater core is clear. To prevent damages, make sure there is free passage through the cooling system before flushing.

CAUTION: Extreme care should be taken when flushing cooling systems in poor condition.

JWL Cooling System Flusher for quick and efficient flushing of the cooling system

JWL Cooling System Flusher

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Cooling System Flusher


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JWL Cooling System Flusher

  • Ensure optimum operation of cooling systems
  • Service life is top-notch – even after 28 million operations
  • Infinitely adjustment of air and water volume
  • Without use of solvents and harsh chemicals
  • Combines water with compressed air for increased efficiency


Working pressure 6-12 bar (87-174 psi)
Flow, technical icon Air consumption 350 litre air/min. at 8 bar
Weight ~0,230 kg
       Water consumption 4-8 litre water/min.
       Water connection 1/2" nipple for water coupling
        Air connection 1/4" internal thread (BSP)


 Handle and trigger  Acetal plastic
 Valve  Acetal plastic
 Gaskets/ O-rings  Nitrile
 Blowing tube & shaft  Steel, el. galvanized
 Springs  Hardened spring wire
 Nozzle  POM