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    JWL Filecamp

    JWL Filecamp

    JWL puts marketing material as product videos, images, data sheets, manuals, QR codes and similar at our distributors’ disposal. All the material is at free usage in our Filecamp.
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    Private Label products

    Customize your product

    At JWL we are proud that many strong brands through the years have chosen us as their supplier of private label products. We can deliver products with your logo and in a colour of your choice. Laser engraving on the right side of the blowgun bodies with for example article number, production date, security instructions etc. is also a possibility. On chosen compressed air couplings, private label in the form of a rubber band in a colour of your choice and with your logo is also a possibility.

    JWL Injection molding with different private label colours


    Private label agreements can be made with orders right down to 500 units per order.
    Are you interested in more information about our private label solutions, prizes and conditions then do not hesitate to contact us.