Environmentally friendly packaging solutions

We have introduced a brand new, environmentally friendly and flexible packaging line, which means that:

  • All JWL tools will be delivered in practical and pallet optimized FSC boxes with graphic label.
  • Couplings are either available in bulk (25 units per box) or can be individually packaged in bags and delivered in FSC boxes of 12 units with graphic label.
  • Nipples are delivered in bulk (50 units per box) or as alternative packaged with 2 units in a bag and delivered in FSC boxes of 24 units with graphic label.
  • The Air Boy blowguns will be delivered in FSC boxes of 25 units with graphic label.

Our JWL products are “made in Denmark” – and will with this new packaging line only be delivered in eco-friendly packaging materials. A fact we are proud off!

The transition to the new packaging line will be gradual, but we expect to have it fully implemented during the first half year 2020.


FSC certified boxes and reusable plastic material

When choosing a FSC certified packaging solution, we help each other protecting the nature, social conditions and responsible forestry.

All bags are produced in reusable plastic materials, which means that less energy is used and less CO2  is emitted during production.

Customized solutions

As well as we offer private label solutions on our products, we also have the possibility to adjust the packaging to your requirements - even at low quantities.

If you do not have the opportunity to deliver a finished design, we will gladly help you in the process.

Please contact sales for further information.

JWL new packaging line_FSC_private label