FRL units

Filters, pressure regulates and seperates fluid and particles

FRL stands for Filter-Regulator-Lubricator, which means that we have a device that can filter, pressure regulate and separate fluid and particles from the compressed air. Our FRL units are compact devices that helps protecting the pneumatic tools or equipment from moisture and impurities. We therefore recommend that a FRL unit is placed before the tool.

Our FRL units are available either with water separator or with both water separator and lubricator. Both models comes with mounting brackets.

JWL FRL units

FRL units

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Regulator with water seperator 334381
Regulator with water seperator and lubricator 334386


Working pressure Max. 10 bar (145 psi)
Temperature-range +5oC to +60oC
Flow, technical icon Air consump. at p1=7bar & p2=5bar 500 liter air/min.
Weight 353 g/581 g
      Guaranteed maximum pressure 15 bar (218 psi)
      Filter size 25µm
      Recommended oil (lubricator) Turbine No1 Oil ISOVG32
      Pressure regulation range 0,5 til 8,5 bar
      Valve type Overflow
      Connections 1/4" BST thread
      Pressure gauge G36-10-01


 Container  Polycarbonat