JWL Sodablasters

Clean or remove without damaging

Sodablasting is a fast and gentle method of removing paint, varnish and surface rust – even from hard to reach places. It neither warms up nor stretches the sheet metal and does not damage glass, rubber or plastic. There is therefore a minimal need for shielding.

JWL Sodablaster 2 is produced with a nozzle already set for the optimal output. It comes with a refillable container and with the possibility of replacing the precision nozzle with a high performance wide nozzle.
JWL Sodablasting Set is an effective and powerful sodablaster for the larger tasks. The Sodablasting Set enables you to adjust the airflow and soda flow independently.
JWL Sodablasters are suitable for hobby as well as professional use.

CAUTION: Always use P2 respiratory protection, hearing protection and eye- and facemask when blasting with soda. The soda is pure NAHCO3 (baking soda). It is not dangerous but may be harmful if inhaled as dust.

JWL Sodablaster with 1,2L container and precision nozzle in hardened steel

JWL Sodablasters

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Sodablaster 2, precision nozzle & 1,2 litre container
Sodablasting set


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5 litre Soda (NaHCO3) 320103-000
25 kg Soda (NaHCO3) 320101-000
Precision nozzle for 145154-000, hardened steel, el. galv. 145950-000
Wide nozzle for 145154-000, POM 3 units 145955-000
Extra nozzle for 145110-000, steel, standard with O-ring 145803
Container 1,2 litre 143300

JWL Sodablasters

  • Neither warms up nor stretches the sheet metal
  • Does not damage glass, rubber or plastic which means minimal need for shielding
  • Protects the bare metal from rusting away in contrast to sandblasting
  • Removes anti-fouling paint from boats without damaging the hull
  • Removes varnish and does not damage seals (rubber or plastic)
  • Removes paint from glass surfaces or window frames without damaging the glass or rubber seals
  • Removes varnish from wooden furniture
  • Is gentle and environmentally friendly


Working pressure Max. 6-12 bar (87-174 psi)
Air consumption (145154-000) 180 litre air/min. at 8 bar
Air consumption (145110-000) 450 litre air/min. at 8 bar
       Container 1,2 litre
       Thread 1/4" internal thread (BSP/NPT)


 Handle & trigger  Acetal plastic
 Valve  Acetal plastic
 Gaskets/ O-rings  Nitrile
 Spring  Hardened spring wire
 Container  PEHD
 Nozzle (145950-000)  Hardened steel, el. galv.
 Wide nozzle (145955-000)  POM