JWL Tools

Our compressed air tools are produced to ease the weekdays. The high quality and the versatile purposes secures a great and long-lasting basis of your work with compressed air.
The tools are produced in strong and impact-resistant quality materials and the compressed air is in the handle used to ease the operation and make it more precise and simple. The handle is produced in acetal plastic, which makes it warmer and more comfortable to hold.
The tools of JWL is adjusted your needs and are available in many types for different purposes. The portfolio contains everything from sodablasters to brake bleeders. The long-lasting tools will secure efficiency in many years to come, both in the everyday life and in the garage.

JWL compressed air tools


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JWL Sodablasters for fast and gentle removal of paint, varnish and surface rust
JWL Brake Bleeders for bleeding and refilling brake systems
JWL Inflating gun with gauge for tires of all types
JWL Air Boy inflating guns
JWL Bodygun for treatment and maintenance of cars
JWL Sandblasters ofr efficient cleaning of rust and ingrained dirt
JWL Cleaning guns for most types of cleaning agents
JWL Oil extractor for changing oil on several types of engines
AC-Cleaner from JWL - cleans and removes bacterias