Air Boy eXact

Air Boy® eXact

Digital Inflator. Designed for high precision, durability and optimum ergonomics.

The completely newly developed Air Boy® eXact digital inflator is the latest addition to the line of quality products from JWL. The inflator has been completely newly developed with precision, durability and ergonomics in mind. The design is sharp and the properties are thoroughly thought out – so with Air Boy® eXact you get the most optimal inflator.

Accurate › Air Boy® eXact

The high reading accuracy – 0.01 bar combined with the airtight QT-Connector™ makes the Air Boy® eXact the perfect choice for inflating tires with TMPS valves. To ensure the highest precision every time a measurement is made, the pressure sensor is auto-calibrated after each use.

Durable › Air Boy® eXact

The electronics are protected against impact and the strong construction withstands a free fall from a height of even 2 meters onto a concrete floor. The construction is so tight in relation to water and dust that it has an IP65 rating and can cope with significantly more.

Thoroughly tested › Air Boy® eXact

Air Boy® eXact has been thoroughly tested and approved by the independent testing institute Force Technology. The result was significantly better than the strict DS/EN 12645:2014 standard for digtal inflators.

Reading accuracy:

0,01 bar

Measuring range:

0,2 – 10 bar

IP Rating


Ergonomic › Air Boy® eXact

The display is easy to read with large digits and backlighting. Optimal in both left and right hands. It is designed as light as possible to reduce workload.

Easy to hang it from you with the built-in “eye” – although it becomes difficult once you have used it…

Calibrated › Air Boy® eXact

All inflators are individually tested and supplied with a calibration certificate. Air Boy® eXact measures tire pressure on a scale of 0.2 to 10 bar with a resolution of 0.01 bar.

Technical specifications

Measuring range0.2 – 10 bar (2,9 – 145psi )
Max connection pressure12 bar (174psi)
Measurement accuracyEN12645:2014
Reading accuracy+/- 0,01 bar
Units of measurementbar / psi / kPa / kg/cm²
Connection1/4″ int. BSPT thread
Battery typeCR2032 (buttoncell)
Hose lengths0,5m / 1,0m / 1,5m / 2,0m / 3,0m / 5,0m
Tire connectionQT Connector™ / Standard Chuck / Twin-Connector
Weight (excl.. hose)357 g (268 g)
Airflow (at 8 bar)500 l/min
(17.7 CFM)
Working temperature-10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)
ApprovalsCE (EMC, GPSD, RoHS, WEEE) EN12645:2014 FCC

Handle, trigger, battery cover & QT partsPOM (acetal plastic)
Rubber shellTPE plastic
Seals / O-ringsNitrile rubber
AxlesSteel, electrial galv.
SpringHardened spring wire
Metal partsSulfur alloy automatic steel
Display glassPC
Display foilLDPE / PE
ElectronicsRoHS certified

All materials included in Air Boy® eXact comply with Reach, RoHS and Prop 65. The electronics comply with RoHS.

Length (A)229,9 mm
Width (B)75,4 mm
Grip length (C)93,5 mm
QT diameter (D)ø 20,5 mm
Grip width (E)28,0 mm
Trigger grip (F)77,9 mm
Total heigth (G)105,4 mm
Max “eye” (H)ø 15,3 mm
Hose lengths (I)0,5 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 5,0 m
Weigth – 0,5m (excl. hose)357 g (268 g)
Packaging measures140 (b) x 100 (d) x 280 (h) mm
Quantity on pallet Height: 1.55m ( 1.2m)300 (220)

With a reading accuracy of 0.01 Bar, the Air boy eXact is the optimal choice for inflating tires with TPMS valves


Dedicated › AirBoy® eXact

In addition to the standard version of the Air Boy® eXact with 0.5m hose and QT-Connector™, it is available in many variants with different hose lengths and valve connections.

QT Connector™
Standard Chuck
Twin Connector
Variants with QT-Connector™Article number
0,5m hose156100-134
1,0m hose156101-134
1,5m hose156102-134
2,0m hose156103-134
3,0m hose156104-134
5,0m hose156105-134
Variants with Standard ChuckArticle number
0,5m hose156110-134
1,0m hose156111-134
1,5m hose156112-134
2,0m hose156113-134
3,0m hose156114-134
5,0m hose156115-134
Variants with Twin ConnectorArticle number
0,5m hose156130-134
1,0m hose156131-134
1,5m hose156132-134
2,0m hose156133-134
3,0m hose156134-134
5,0m hose156135-134