JWL – Compressed air solutions

Here at JWL we both have own production, subcontractor work and private label production. We value high quality and humanity in the solution of our jobs and strive for the customer always to get their products in the right quality, right time and produced in the most profitable way for all concerned.

JWL Air Boy Classic in machinery production

JWL – Made in Denmark

All of our products are produced in the fabric of JWL in Hedensted. Here our skilled and committed employees take pride in developing innovative quality solutions, which are sustainable, effective and quality tested within the high standards of JWL.


The three triangles in our logo was in 1963, when JWL was founded by Johannes Wagner Lund, a manifestation of extremely high quality and precision within the field of technical engineering. That is why we still use the triangles in our logo and they commit. Headed by Kristian Lund, the son of Johannes Wagner Lund, we will continue to live up to the very high standards that we are respected for and proud of. The resourcefulness and creativity that prevail at JWL will secure user-friendly and innovative compressed air solutions that will last – for the next 50 years as well.


JWL A/S is DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.
We have a well documented quality management system. This ensures our customers a great comfort and a professional handling of orders.

Testing of JWL Air Boy Blowgun and the valve system
JWL Miljø

Focus on environment

At JWL we care for the environment, and it has high priority. We are constantly striving to find new solutions, that can make a difference. We are making demands on ourselves, each other - and of course also on our suppliers. The environment is also our responsibility.

Why choose JWL

JWL has a range of values and valuations, which are a big part of our weekday and help both our company and employees to always have the needs of our customers and our common goal in mind.

Quality – We will through professional pride appear as a reliable and trustworthy company

Development – We want to understand the needs of our customers and do what it takes

Respect – Through understanding and emphasis, we want to treat others as we want to be treated ourselves

Job satisfaction – We will through honesty, flexibility, direction and influence create happiness in our weekdays.

Profitability – We will ensure a sustainable and ambitious business. 

JWL logo on building facade
JWL laser marking of blowguns

Core competences

Here at JWL we have a range of competences, which we are particularly proud of and see as our core competences. We believe that it is these competences that ensures the high quality and service, which we are known for and proud of:
Development and manufacturing of components for compressed air in the right quality, which our customers request.
Flexible product portfolio with consideration of sizes of production and stock.

We keep your work environment in mind

We have the end-user in mind when we develop and produce our products. We want to secure a comfortable work environment for our customers. Therefore, we naturally consider work environment, noise emission and energy consumption into all our solutions in order to make sure that user-friendly and reliable JWL products are always available.

Much more than a product

JWL wants to ease your everyday life as much as possible and for us delivering high quality products is a matter of course. Therefore, we are proud of being able to offer a range of values, which makes your experience with JWL amazing.

  • JWL/Air Boy® - A strong brand
  • The possibility of customized products with colour and logo of your choice
  • Unique packaging solutions, which create visibility for the customers
  • 25 years warranty on the valve system in our blowguns
  • A service minded and dedicated sales and logistics team
  • Marketing material containing product videos, images, data sheets, instruction manuals etc.
  • Flexibility – Everything under one roof


It is the mission of JWL to be an attractive, quality conscious, sustainable and developing company.
We want to service our customers in a way that we appear as a reliable and trustworthy company.
We want to have competent and reliable suppliers who continuously ensure improvements and competitive prices.
We want to be a loyal high performance team.


“Our aim is to inspire the users of compressed air through innovation and passion!”

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