JWL history

JWL’s history

JWL is a family-owned company with a long history, where quality and humanity have always had highest priority. Since the beginning in 1963, where JWL was founded, many things have happened.


JWL launches Air Boy® eXact digital inflator, which has been developed with precision, durability and ergonomics in mind.

QT blev lanceret i 2021


JWL launches the patented QT Connector, which is an easy-to-use and completely airtight connector for inflating tires


JWL celebrates its 50th anniversary. Today, 80 % of the production is exported to approximately 40 countries with successes such as the soda blaster.


A new factory is built on Teknikervej in Hedensted. The factory can accommodate the production, assembly and administration and all competencies are gathered under one roof. Kristian Lund takes over JWL in 2007.


A generational change is beginning at JWL. The daughter, Hanne Lund and the son, Kristian Lund – buy into the company.


Up through the nineties, things are quietly moving forward for JWL. In 1999, JWL is awarded the regional initiative prize by Dansk Industri. (Danish Industry)


Another factory is being built at Mosetoften in Hedensted. Plastic production, assembly and administration are moved here. Margit is awarded the Hedensted Municipality’s Business Prize.


JWL celebrates its 25th anniversary. Johannes’ recipe for a successful company is new ideas, skilled employees, a tip-top machine park and good service.


Up through the eighties, turnover, exports and the number of employees increased. At the same time, investments were made in new machines.


The first quick air couplings are introduced.


The Air Boy® blow gun is introduced as one of the first blow guns made of plastic instead of metal.


A new factory is built on Østre Ringgade (later Phønixvej), where the now 12 employees will be located.


Many years of collaboration begin with Brdr. Michelsen on subcontractor work of compressed air tools and threading, turning and milling work.


JWL is founded as a machine factory by Johannes W. Lund in an old horse stable on Nørrebrogade in Hedensted.

25 years warranty

It does matter which blow gun you choose.

We provide a 25-year warranty on the valve system in all Air Boy® blow guns. They are tested to 28 million activations and it is still completely airtight.

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