Prevost hose reels

In each effective workshop hose reels are a necessity - they save time and gives flexibility in the individual work situations.

We have a wide range of automatic hose reels, which can be used for the following:

  • Compressed air
  • Cold and hot water at high or low pressure
  • Oil and grease
  • Oxygen and acetylene

All hose reels are mounted with a PrevoS1 safety coupling that offers anti-whip protection and single press disconnection. Furthermore the closed models are delivered with a swivel bracket - while the open reels feature a fixed mounting bracket (swivel brackets are available as an accessory.

See the complete assortment of Prevost hose reels here: Prevost by JWL_hose reels


JWL slangeoprullere
Lukket slangeopruller fra JWL

Top notch safety

Common to all is that they ease and secure a more safe work environment. Technology and quality of materials are top notch and you are ensured an effective and robust hose reel.

Safety is the most important thing. Therefore all hose reels are designed with several security measures:

  • Return spring - winds the hose back into the house
  • Controlled return system - the hose is reeled in smoothly and progressively
  • Stop catch - locks the hose at the needed lenght
  • PrevoS1 safety coupling - no risk for unintended disconnection