QT Connector

The Quick & Tight connector for easy & accurate inflation of tires!

The QT Connector is a newly developed & patented JWL product that will set completely new standards for tyre inflation with a functionality & quality second to none in the entire market. It has been tested for more than 100.000 activations and it is still completely airtight and fully functional.

The QT Connector seals mechanically to the valve and gives you a completely airtight connection. No air is leaking from the QT Connector – even at 9 bar / 130 psi! A tight connection is a must for an accurate pressure reading and with TPMS sensors on all new cars an accurate measurement is more important than ever!

The QT Connector is easy to push on the valve and release again after inflation. It is designed with a self-locking mechanism that secures the connection during inflation in opposition to traditional connectors where the operator is often forced to hold on to the connector and press it against the tyre valve to avoid a large air leak during inflation.

The QT Connector is mounted to the valve with a pressure and is easily removed again

Staightforward to use! Push the connector on the valve to connect & pull the ring to disconnect. Just like an air coupler.

QT Connector is air tight

Tight connection - no air leaks even at 9 bar / 130 psi.

Regular air connector

Existing air connectors are by no means tight resulting in inaccurate pressure measurements.

Inflating gun withd QT Connector

Inflating gun with QT Connector

The QT Connector can be mounted on a JWL Inflating Gun that secures an accurate and easy inflation of tires.

The inflation gun gives you infinitely adjustment of the air volume through the handle.

Contact sales on salg@jwl.dk for more information or find you contact person here.

QT Connectoren fås til slange og gevind.

Fits hose and internal thread

You can  connect the QT Connector to thread or hose.

Hose connection:
3/16″ (Ø 5,5)
1/4″ (Ø 6,5)

Internal thread:
1/4″ BSP
1/4″ NPT

Have a look when we test the QT Connector