Air Boy accessories and nozzles

Push-in nozzles and accessories

Accessories for Air Boy® blow guns

You can modify your Air Boy® blow gun with our nozzles

Below you will find an overview with our various nozzles and accessories that fit the Air Boy® Classic. With nozzles, you can change your blow gun to be unblockable, increase airflow and increase blowing power. You can have rubber nozzles to protect delicate surfaces from being scratched or to install a protective shield that protects against splashes of chips or dust.

Expand the possibilities with different nozzles for your classic blow gun.

How the push-in nozzles work

Push in nozzle mounting

Mount the push-in nozzle by pressing it on the tip of the pipe.

disassemble push-in nozzle by pushing the plastic ring forward

Remove by pressing the plastic collar forward and push the nozzle off.

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Air Boy®
Thrust nozzle


Push-in thrust nozzle increases the air volume via the venturi principle. It is unblockable (meets OSHA).

For ø8 mm pipe144122

Air Boy®
Silent nozzle

Push-in silent nozzle

Push-in nozzle that is quiet and blockage-free (meets OSHA). Easy to mount and dismount.

For ø8 mm pipe144525

Air Boy®
Angle nozzle

Push-in angle nozzle

Push-in 90º angle nozzle. Ideal for cleaning in cylindrical objects or hard to reach places.

For ø8 mm pipe144177

Air Boy®
Rubber nozzle

35 mm push-in gummidyse

35 mm push-in rubber nozzle protects delicate surfaces. Easy to mount and dismount.

For ø8 mm pipe144502

Air Boy®
Rubber nozzle

25 mm push-in gummidyse

25 mm push-in rubber nozzle protects delicate surfaces. Possibility to clean hoses up to 7/8 by blowing through.

For ø8 mm pipe144501

Air Boy®
Rubber nozzle

15 mm push-in gummidyse

15 mm push-in rubber nozzle protects delicate surfaces. Easy to mount and dismount.

For ø8 mm pipe144500

Jet Air

Jet Air dyse

Flat nozzle with very high blowing power, unblockable and with low noise level. Jet Air 2 is gray ULTEM1000.

Jet Air 1 141000-000
Jet Air 2 up to 200 ℃141001-000

Non Scratch

Non scratch gummidyse

Rubber nozzle that prevents scratches on delicate surfaces. Easy to put on and take off blowpipes.

For ø8 mm pipe144124
For ø6 mm pipe144194

Protective shield


Protective screen for mounting on fan pipes. Protects against backscattering of chips etc.

For ø8 mm pipe144180
For ø6 mm pipe144181

Air Boy®Turbo

Turbo dyse til blæserør

ByPass nozzle ensures high air flow and is blockage-free.
Note: Cannot be removed after installation.

For ø8 mm pipe144116
For ø6 mm pipe144115


Gummikegle og messingomløber

Rubber cone and brass nozzle for universal pump gun. Fits
item no. 140118-000.

Rubber cone150203
Brass nozzle150202

Inflating needle

Pumpenål til bolde

Extra pump needle for ball gun. Is also suitable for work in hard to reach places.

Fits 140108-000: 140297

25 years warranty

It does matter which blow gun you choose.

We provide a 25-year warranty on the valve system in all Air Boy® blow guns. They are tested to 28 million activations and it is still completely airtight.

Choose an Air Boy® blow gun. It is your guarantee of quality and reliable tools you can use day after day.