JWL cleaning gun

Cleaning guns

Effective degreasing, washing and shampooing

JWL Cleaning gun is ideal for degreasing, washing and shampooing. The cleaning gun is easy and efficient to use and has with the handle infinitely adjustment of air.

The cleaning gun can be used with most detergents, even stronger chemicals. It is available in different variants that makes it fit exactly your task. It is possible to get the nozzles in either steel or plastic, and with suction tube or container.

  • Ideal for degreasing, washing and shampooing
  • For all cleaning purposes
  • The service life is top-notch – even after 28 million operations
  • Infinitely adjustment of the amount of fluid
  • User-friendly, long-lasting and efficient
Cleaning gun

This product is suitable for

Suitable for auto
Suitable for industrial use
Suitable for DIY market
Suitable for truck and transport
Suitable for agriculture
Suitable for marine and shipping
Suitable for camping and caravans
Suitable for motorcycles
Suitable for offshore

Watch Multi Cleaner in use

Multi Cleaner is ideal for cleaning air conditioners and heat pumps as well as various surfaces where cleaning and disinfection are necessary. The included extension probe makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places. Use only with cleaning fluids or disinfectants – not acid / base.

See instructions for cleaning Air Condition systems with Multi Cleaner further down the page.

General specifications for Cleaning Guns

Technical description

Maksimalt tryk Working pressure Max. 6-12 bar
OSHAWeight~0.400 kg
Container1,2 l


Handle and trigger Acetal plastic
Valve Acetal plastic
Gaskets/ O-rings Nitrile
Pipe and shaft Steel, el. galvanised
Spring Hardened spring wire


Suction tubeNylon PA11
NozzlesPOM, PA6, Steel, brass

Variants, data and accessories

Rensepistol kunststof dyser  tegning

Cleaning gun, plastic nozzles, 150 mm, 1.2 l container

Rensepistol med sugeslange stregtegning

Cleaning gun, suction tube, plastic nozzle, 150 mm

Rensepistol metaldyser stregtegning

Cleaning gun, metal nozzle, 260 mm, 1.2 l container

Rensepistol metaldyser stregtegning

Cleaning gun, metal nozzle , 145 mm, 1.2 l container

Rensepistol metaldyser stregtegning

Cleaning gun, metal nozzle , 1000 mm, 1.2 l container

Rensepistol kunststof dyser  tegning

Multi Cleaner – incl. extension probe

Accessories and spare parts for cleaning guns

Extra metal nozzle142206
Container 1.2 l143300
Container with loose lid 1.2 l143160

Clean A/C systems with Multi Cleaner

AC rengøring step 1

Preparation and treatment of evaporator:
Dry the evaporator for 10 minutes under following conditions: A/C: off, Air Inlet: circulation, Temp.: warm, Air outlet: Foot, Fan: hi

AC rengøring step 2

Put a tray under evaporators drain hose and shop cloth under the cooling unit to avoid dropping on the ground and floor mat. Open windows for ventilation.

AC rengøring step 3

Before handling the evaporator, the ignition of the vehicle should be disconnected or turned off.

AC rengøring step 4

When cleaning, the vehicle should be prepared as specified in the respective operating instructions.

Ac rengøring step 5

Insert the spray nozzle into the filter inlet or resistor opening (or another suitable inlet) and spray whole container into the evaporator while moving the nozzle around to cover the whole evaporator surface.

AC rengøring step 6

Once it has been sprayed on, the cleaning fluid should be allowed to act for about 15-20 minutes.

AC rengøring step 7

Reinstall filter and other temporarily removed parts.

AC rengøring 8. og sidste trin

To dry the treated evaporator proceed as follows: A/C: Off, Air inlet: Circulation, Temp.: warm, Air outlet: foot, Fan: hi, Time to dry: 20 – 30 minuter.

Questions about compressed air solutions?

If you have question about our blow guns, pneumatic tools or other products, then we would like to help you.

Questions about compressed air solutions?

If you have question about our blow guns, pneumatic tools or other products, then we would like to help you.