JWL Jet Flusher

Jet Flusher

Quick & efficient cooling system flushing

To ensure the optimum operation of your cooling system it is important to secure that the coolant is not polluted with abrasive particles and foreign materials. This is not a problem with the JWL Jet Flusher. With the Jet Flusher you can flush the whole system without use of solvents and harsh chemicals. It uses a combination of water and compressed air, which increases the water pressure without damaging the surface.

The Jet Flusher is equipped with adjustments for both air and water flow, which easily can be set for the required output. Furthermore it allows the water supply to be shut of directly at the Jet Flusher instead of at the water tap, when having a break or at nozzle change. The water can be connected either by using the supplied nipple (1/2″ /ø13 mm) that fits most common water couplings or by using the built-in 3/4″ GHT water hose thread.

The Jet Flusher comes as standard with a Jet Flusher nozzle that easily can be changed for other nozzles such as the Jet Washer nozzle.

CAUTION: Extreme care should be taken when flushing cooling systems in poor condition.

  • Optimum flushing of cooling systems – without solvent or harsh chemicals
  • Individual adjustments for both air and water flow
  • Combines water with compressed air for increased efficiency
  • Multi functional – possible to change the nozzle
Jet Flusher

This product is suitable for

Suitable for auto
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Watch Jet Flusher in use

General specifications for Jet Flusher

Technical description

Maksimalt trykWorking pressureMax. 6 – 10 bar
FlowAir consumptionMin. 200 l/min.
(2.5 HK compressor)
Water connection1/2″ nipple or 3/4″ GHT thread
Air Connection1/4″ internal thread (BSP)


Handle and triggerAcetal plastic
ValveAcetal plastic
Gaskets/ O-ringsNitrile
SpringHardened spring wire

How to use Jet Flusher

The cooling system is flushed efficiently by inserting the multi-stage nozzle into the hose best suited for rinsing. Rinse until the liquid is running out of the radiator (1) / engine block (2) / heater (3) is ready. To increase the efficiency of the rinse, you can give short periodic extra blows with the air handle. To prevent damage, there must be free passage through the cooling system before starting rinsing.

Caution: Extreme care must be taken when rinsing cooling systems in poor condition.

Jet Flusher guide

Variants, data and accessories

Jet Flusher stregtegning

JWL Jet Flusher

Aggregatkobling til JWL Jet Washer

Accessory adapter

Vaskedyse til JWL Jet Washer

Jet washer nozzle


Flusher nozzle for cooling systems

Questions about compressed air solutions?

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Questions about compressed air solutions?

If you have question about our blow guns, pneumatic tools or other products, then we would like to help you.