Soda blasting removes paint, varnish, soot and dirt

How to use soda blasting to remove paint, varnish and dirt from surfaces

When surfaces need to be cleaned of paint, varnish, soot, light surface rust and other dirt, soda blasting is ideal for that job. Soda blasting is more gentle than sand blasting. Therefore, soda blasting is ideal for work where the materials are more delicate, for example plastic, glass, rubber strips and thin metal items. Since soda is gentle, you do not have to spend time covering other surfaces like glasses.

A soda blater is used for professional tasks but is also suitable for many DIY projects at home, where one would otherwise use more resources by grinding or using chemicals.

Soda is not toxic, but the material being cleaned can be. We therefore call for proper coverage and collection of the soda blasted materials.

Always use P2 respiratory protection, and eye- and facemask when blasting with soda to protect yourself from dust.

Just how gentle is soda blasting

Soda blasting removes print on a cardboard box without damaging the box.

Soda blasting removes paint

With soda blasting you can gently remove paint from wood and metal. The soda reaches into the corners and edges that can otherwise be a challenge to get rid of paint.

Unlike sandblasting, soda blasting protects the exposed metal from rusting immediately.

Soda blasting removes paint
Soda blasting does not damage glass

Soda blasting does not damage glass

Soda blasting does not glass and rubber strips, which saves you time with cover.

Clean hard-to-reach places

When restoring with soda blasting, for example, engines and other engine parts, soda comes in and removes coatings in corners and edges. The hard-to-reach places are cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals or tools.

Soda blasting narrow places
Soda blasting removes surfaces dirt and debris

Soda blast engine part to clean them

It is obvious to clean engine parts with the soda blasting, as it effectively removes dirt on the surfaces.

Clean aluminium

Clean aluminium for dirt and debris with soda blasting

Cleaning aluminium
Valves cleaned by soda blasting

Soda blast engine parts

Here is an example of valves cleaned by soda blasting. Before and after.

Clean boat propeller

Soda blasting is also effective cleaning boat propeller from barnacles without damage.

Soda blasting cleans boat propeller
Soda blast boat paint

Remove boat hull paint with soda blasting

Soda blasting can remove boat hull paint without damaging the hull.

Remember to properly cover and collect the cleaned material.

Remove varnish on wood with a soda blaster

You can also remove varnish and paint from wood with a soda blaster.

Always test on a small area first for the structure and hardness of the wood. Some wood varieties are softer and may get marks from soda blasting.

Soda blasting wood
Soda blasting metals

Remove oxidation

Soda blasting removes oxidation on metals without damaging the surface of the metal. Soda blasting does not heat the metal and does not stretch it, as sandblasting can do.

Remove graffiti

A soda blaster can also remove graffiti without damaging concrete and masonry.

Soda blaster and graffiti

Choose between to soda blaster variants

JWL produces two variants of soda blasters. The soda blaster set is for larger tasks and has a separate adjustment of the air and soda volume, while the Soda Blaster II with 1.2 L container is suitable for smaller tasks. Find more about JWL soda blowers, data sheets, requirements, accessories, video, etc.

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Har du spørgsmål til vores blæsepistoler eller vores andre trykluft-produkter, så kan vi hjælpe.

En snak om trykluftløsninger

Har du spørgsmål til vores blæsepistoler eller vores andre trykluft-produkter, så kan vi hjælpe.