How to clean cylindrical objects

Blæse cylindre rene

How to blow angular direction

Do you need to blow the inside of a pipe clean of dust? Or blow inside other cylindrical objects? Then you can easily be challenged by the direction of the blow on a regular blow gun.

With Air Boy® Push-in nozzles you can change the properties of your classic blow gun. For cleaning the inside of cylinders, an angle nozzle can help you. It blows in four directions perpendicular to your fan tube. That way, you can easily get in and clean interior cavities.

Angular nozzle for cylinders

Air Boy® angular nozzle

Air Boy® Angle Nozzle is ideal for blowing into pipes and other cylindrical objects. With four holes in the sides, this one blows at a 90 degree angle. The design makes it block-free and it therefore meets OSHA STD 01-13-001 at a maximum of 2 bar (30 PSI) if blocked.

Angular push-in nozzle

How a push-in nozzle works

Push the push-in nozzle on to the blow pipe

Mount the push-in nozzle by pressing it on the tip of the fan tube.

Remove push-in nozzle

Remove by pressing in on the plastic collar and push the nozzle off.

25-year warranty

Air Boy® has been tested up to 28 million activations. That’s why we offer a 25-year warranty on the valve system. It’s your guarantee for quality and reliability.