Air Boy® Blowguns

Blowguns for all cleaning purposes

Quality and functionality is first priority when we produce our well-known Air Boy® blowguns. The blowguns are made of solid quality material and have since the production started in 1970s been thoroughly tested. The quality material, which the blowguns are produced in, makes them very resistant – even after 28 million operations.

JWL has one of the widest ranges of blowguns in the world. We have developed blowguns, which fit all of your needs and every purpose. So whether you prefer the classic standard model or a more sophisticated silent and unblockable safety model, we have just the model for you.

The blowguns have infinitely adjustment of the air pressure and with the ergonomic design the blowguns fits in both left and right hand. The handles are produced in acetal plastic (POM), which increases the comfort and makes the pistol warmer to hold. The valve system in our Air Boy® blowguns is using the compressed air to ease the activation of the handle making it easy, precise and simple to operate. This is a system we are proud of and therefore we offer a 25 year warranty on the valve system in our Air Boy® blowguns.

JWL Air Boy overview


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JWL Air Boy classic blowgun with either bent or straight pipe
JWL Air Boy Super Silent blowgun with unblockable nozzle and low noice level
JWL Air Boy Silent with unblockable nozzle and low noice level
JWL Air Boy Turbo with a venturi nozzle that increases air flow by 100%
JWL Air Boy Jet with unblockable flatnozzle and high blowing force
JWL Air Boy safety blowgun with automatic pressure drop if the tip is blocked
JWL Air Boy blowgun Anti-Block ensures that the air can get out if tip is blocked
JWL Air Boy blowgun with rubber nozzle for protection of sensitive surfaces
JWL Air Boy blowgun with chip shield for protection against back splash
JWL Air Boy blowgun with angle nozzle, ideal for cleaning hard to reach places
JWL Air Boy inflating guns